6 Surprising things home insurance does not cover


6 Surprising things home insurance does not cover

Getting home insurance is one of the best ways to protect your house and your personal items. When you pay for the insurance, you can relax knowing your home is well protected. Therefore, having home insurance is not just a cover but something every homeowner should consider.

Even though home insurance provides important coverage, there are certain things the basic insurance does not cover. But you can also consider having extra coverage. To help you make better choices about your home insurance policy, here are the common things excluded in home insurance coverage.

Six-Surprising things home insurance does not cover

1. Business-related claims

If you are operating any kind of business in your home, you need to understand that the insurance company does not cover it. Based on various claims, business-related claims for home insurance are very complicated. Therefore, if you are doing any kind of business in your home, engage a business insurance provider. Fortunately, there are a number of business insurance policies that suits both small and big businesses.

2. Water damage

Another thing that your home insurance does not cover is water damage. Whether it is water from flood or sewer, the damages cannot be compensated by your home insurance provider. However, there are certain types of water damage that your insurance policy might cover including flooding caused by a blast water pipe. But you need to prove that the happening was not preventable.

3. Earth movement

Earthquakes, mud-flows, and sinkholes are not covered by home insurance. So, if find yourself in any of the above earth movements, you might have to use your money to manage the damages. However, you can get extra coverage for earthquakes and other earth movements. This will make sure your house and other variables are protected in case of mud-flows, sinkholes, or earthquakes.

4. Luxury items

Expensive jewelry or art collections are other items home insurance does not cover. If you have a collection of expensive pieces of jewelry, they do not fall under the basic home insurance policy. But you can contact an insurance agent for a separate insurance cover.

5. Acts of terror

Today, terror cases have increased all over the world. Even though the issue of terror might not directly affect your home, it is essential to understand whether your home is covered. Most home insurance policies do not cover the acts of war such as terror. Therefore, consult your insurance agent to understand more about the acts of terror.

6. Mold damage

Mold problems have become very common. It is a problem that develops over time. Therefore, insurance providers believe the problem is something you can prevent. It is possible to prevent the mold problem before it starts affecting your house or your family's health. So, look for preventable measures to ensure mold does not cause havoc at your home.

It is essential to know that home insurance does not cover everything in your house. By knowing the things that are covered and the exclusions, you can be able to have a cover that suits your needs. In addition, you can be able to get extra coverage or find other ways to protect your home and variables.

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