What is covered by standard homeowners insurance?


What is covered by standard homeowners insurance?

It makes a financial sense when you protect your home by buying a home insurance policy. Homeowners insurance is a cover that protects your property against disasters such as fire, accidents, or theft. However, before you get the cover, you need to understand the details of the policy, things included, and those excluded.

By knowing the details of the cover, you will be in a position to know what to claim in case of a disaster. There are several things that are covered by homeowner insurance. On the other hand, there are many items that are excluded in the coverage. To help you make an informed choice, below are things covered by standard home insurance.

What is covered by standard homeowners insurance?

1. The home structure

One noticeable thing that is covered by standard home insurance is the structure of your house. If a disaster strikes and destroys your house, the insurance company will compensate you. However, the house should be damaged by hail, fire, hurricane, lightning, and other disasters included in your policy. The standard homeowner insurance coverage does not include damages caused by earthquakes, floods, or normal wear and tear.

There are some home insurance policies that cover detached structures that include tool shed, garage and others listed on the policy. Therefore, when buying the coverage, make sure you go through your policy to understand which damages on your house are covered.

2. Personal belongings

The other essential items covered by standard homeowners insurance are the personal belongings. From your clothes to sports equipment and other personal items, your insurance company can pay you in case of a disaster. Some of the disasters include fire, hurricane, hail, theft, and other listed calamities. Your personal items include the belongings kept off-premises. Hence, the coverage applies even when you are not in your house.

For expensive items such as art collections and jewelry, there is a limit of the amount to be paid in case they are stolen. But there is an option of insuring them to the full value by having a special coverage.

3. Liability protection

This is a coverage that can offer protection to you or your one of your family members in case they cause bodily harm or property damage to other people. For example, if your son accidentally damages your neighbor’s fence, you are covered. The cover includes court costs and damages to be paid as stated in your policy.

It is therefore important to read and understand your policy. This will help you to learn what is included or excluded in your insurance coverage.

4. Additional living expenses

In some cases, your home might be damaged to a level that you cannot live there anymore. Hence, this coverage pays for restaurant meals, hotel expenditures, and other expenses as your house is re-built. However, some policies have a time limitation.


These are the main items covered by standard homeowners insurance. Since there are various things that are not covered, it is vital to consider buying additional coverage for your variable items. Keep in mind that the cover does not include earthquakes and floods.

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